Prepare and Prevent, Safety is Not an Accident
Safety and Quality

Our philosophy is that safety takes precedence over all business pursuits and work practices. As such, Pipe Strong is committed to the health and safety of its employees, customers, contractors, and the communities in which we work. It is our collective mission to provide and maintain a safe work environment.
Pipe Strong utilizes electronic tools (iScout) for evaluating and reporting, to ensure our workforce is executing projects at the highest level of safety, quality and provides the ability to look for trending data and report our key metrics to our clients and any governing associations. 
Pipe Strong is committed to a quality management program in meeting customer and client needs and expectations through a continuous improvement process. This is accomplished by having a robust training program, led by a culture of leadership. All employees are encouraged to share responsibility, as well as exchange suggestions, ideas, and concerns. 
Never being satisfied — we are continuously improving the safety initiatives, training, and culture at Pipe Strong.

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